Business Legal is a new kind of service.

Business Legal brings together lawyers, compliance specialists and business consultants to provide business with a truly business focused approach to solving legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Our team is all about providing practical, affordable and sensible solutions to the regulatory challenge facing businesses in Europe today.

Business Legal brings a project management approach, emphasizing cost certainty and delivery of cost effective results. Although all of our experts are seasoned professionals with many years of large firm experience, we deliver solutions that are of superior quality, but on average, 25% more cost effective than those provided by large law firms.

Business Legal can manage large projects for you both domestically in Ireland and internationally throughout EMEA. We have particular experience in managing large international data protection and privacy projects, large international employment restructuring projects and large international staff training projects.

For all your GDPR/Privacy, Employment/HR law, Health and Safety law, and general regulatory issues, contact us and we’ll solve your issues in a straightforward, business-like, cost-effective way.