General Counsel service

We assist companies who don’t have in-house counsel by providing support to identify legal needs and source appropriate specialist law firms at less cost than that of full service firms. We make support equivalent to full service support firms available, at a fraction of the cost of full service firms. Typically our chosen specialists are former specialists at full service firms, and often former heads of unit. We also provide direct consultancy support in the areas set out below.

GDPR Compliance

We offer a range of business solutions that can be tailored to your company’s requirement.  Further details on our main services are listed below.

Data Protection

We provide full service across all data protection needs from multijuridictional projects for multinational clients, to interfacing with the Data Protection Commission in respect of data breaches by individual firms.

Governance, Risk, Compliance

We provide GRC compliance assistance, including GRC audits, putting in place of compliance systems, including harmonisation of compliance across multiple jusridictions.


We provide full service to business clients across all employment law areas, from drafting contracts handbooks and policies, to dealing with individual employee claims, to managing downsizings and restructurings, and to transactional work such as due diligence and TUPE processes.

Health and Safety

We provide service throughout the safety cycle, from policies and procedures to audits, to dealing with incidents, interfacing with the Health & Safety Authority and defending clients from prosecution.

Insurance Regulations

We provide compliance assistance, including audits, putting in place of compliance systems, interfacing with the Central Bank, assisting in applications for authorisation, and defending clients from prosecution.

Equality and Diversity

We provide training on dealing with issues which arise as a result of the diversity of workforces, and the anti discrimination regulatory framework in Europe. We assist clients to avoid litigation and in litigation, defense when necessary, We deal with what can often be an intangible idealistic topic in a focused, practical, business centered way.