Article 39 of the GDPR states that one of the tasks of the Data Protection Officer is “awareness-raising and training of staff”. We have developed a number of different training courses and knowledge transfer sessions to help with this requirement.

Our new online training programme will enable your staff to take a GDPR course and assessment, that contributes to you demonstrating compliance.

Training is designed to ensure that all staff in your organisation have a general understanding of the risks and issues arising.

Our training will:
• focus on the personal data processed in your organisation
• focus on the policies and procedures required of your organisation
• ensure staff have a general understanding of the data processing Training to suit your needs
• We can provide bespoke training which is specifically tailored for your organisation. We take time to understand your business and your privacy processes and will craft a course specifically targeted at the issues facing your business.

From the News Page, David Fagan explains how trained staff can manage a data breach.